Wedding Cake Tips

Not too late, not too early!

Consider your cake 3-6 months before the wedding day. This will leave ample time for you not to feel overwhelmed.

Expect a cake tasting!

This really is important so that you can know what you will be receiving on the day…,and that it meets the hungry heart of the groom who is far more interested in the taste.

Be prepared!

Bring to the consultation as much information as possible,colour samples such as ribbon or material sample, list of flowers you have chosen for your wedding, invitation sample and sample cake designs that you like. We will discuss the best possible cake options for you. Come to the tasting with an open mind. Sometimes ideas and practicalities don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Include your groom!

Even if its only in choosing the cake flavours! The cake is always more special when it reflects the two of you. Brides, surprise your Groom and have a separate grooms cake. It can be less conventional, decadent in looks and taste,perfect addition to your dessert table,he will love you for this as well!

Set the Budget!

Weddings can add up to be very costly and most of the time you and up spending far more than you budgeted for. Setting budgets (even estimates) will help you to plan and spread out expenses to all your Wedding necessities. One of the questions we get very often over the phone is ‘How much does a Wedding Cake cost?’ . Unfortunately, it is like asking from a car dealer how much a car costs. Wedding cakes as well can range from R 2500 to a 6 digit amount. Therefore, it is advisable first to set your budget, have an idea of the designs (look, feel and theme ) and get professional advice. Keep in mind that the price is mostly determined by the design and details, not the volume of the cake. When the desired cake design is way over your set budget, often there are many alternatives that can be considered without changing for a totally different design. So please discuss the various options with your Cake consultant.

Go for different flavours!

By having a different flavor for each different tier, wider tastes are considered and guests are more inclined to indulge. Especially when including the cake part of your dessert table, consider firmer cakes for the base tiers and lighter, dessert style cakes for the top tiers. Do not forget to include the cake flavor what you like,it is your Wedding!

So much to choose from!

Often it can be confusing what to include or exclude from your Wedding cake design. It is tempting to use all your decor colors and elements in your Wedding cake as well, may it be lace, crystals, heart motives, pearls, etc. However, sometimes less is more, unless you want deliberately the ‘kitschcool impact’. Be open for professional advice what will and what wouldn’t work to include in the design.

Big impact with a small cake!

When catering for a smaller number of guests, the dilemma is always about the size of the cake. You do not want to be over-cater, neither  lose the impact of the Wedding Cake. Few ideas will help you: Place your Wedding cake on a suitable cake stand or even use a slightly taller table such as a bar table for the cake. You could also place an elegant gilded mirror behind the cake,the reflection and the frame will enhance the size of the cake. Practical option is still to have your bigger wedding cake as a center piece, but fewer tiers of actual cake and other tiers to be dummy layers inside.

Many ways to serve your Wedding Cake!

Consider the cake as part of, if not, the main dessert. This can lend itself to be more economical and means that more decadent flavors, such as mousses can be chosen over the traditional fruit cake. Serving the cake with the pre-drinks after the ceremony is practical and increasingly popular option.

The possible ‘Oops’ !

Few things extra to consider when ordering your Wedding cake is the season, location of your venue, where to display the cake and the delivery. It is important to consider the season as some of the cakes are too delicate to last in the hot weather and may melt. Once again,discuss the options with the professional. When displaying your Wedding cake, again consider the weather. The right cake table is as important as the wheels on your car. Common mistakes are that the cake table is not leveled and is unstable, well, … the result is that the cake will also look skew and possibly fall (if it is a cake balanced on pedestals). When is the best time to deliver your cake is often the dilemma. When the cake is in the venue too early, it stands the risk of being damaged in the hustle and bustle of the venue setup. The cake could also possibly melt if it stands out in the hot environment too long (especially cakes with cream and mousse fillings). Even though you want the peace of mind that everything is ready for your wedding as early as possible, in many cases the cake should arrive at the venue as second to last, just before the Bride.

Making the best of your cake !

Scenario: you have ordered your dream wedding cake, but it goes unnoticed because it is displayed in the faraway dark corner. Before agreeing with your Wedding coordinators where to display your Wedding cake, take into consideration the design of the cake. Some cakes have a design and decorations all around, so displaying the cake in the middle of your venue as a centerpiece where quests can view the cake from all sides, is a good option. However, some of the cake designs are meant only one side ( the front of the cake ). On this case displaying the cake in the middle of the venue is pointless, opt then for the display with the drapery, pillar or other solid background for your cake. Don’t forget the cake table, it could compliment your Wedding cake with beautiful fabric drapery, maybe some rose petals or tea light candles. Discuss the recommendations with your consultant.





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