FAQ about Annica’s

Q: How long have you been in the game?

A: Annica’s love and interest to create works of art from confectionery, started from childhood in Estonia and progressively grew over the years. After a period in London, where Annica enhanced her skills, she moved to South Africa in 2000, and the now legendary “Annica’s” was established. With over 17 years experience on her side, “Annica’s” is by no means a newcomer to the industry.

Q: Why do your cakes taste so good?

A: All of our cake recipes are developed in-house, thus making our specific icing and toppings, cake flavours and textures, unique to Annica’s. Unlike many bakeries, we say NO to instant pre-mixes, all of our cakes are baked from scratch, which is appreciated by ‘cake connoisseurs’. Taste the difference! For more information on our cake flavours, please follow the link Annica’s cake flavours.

Q: Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

A: We have developed a range of ‘Lifestyle’ cakes and confectionery, which include Gluten-free and Sugar-free products. Guests following the Banting and Paleo diets, are also catered for with our “Superfood” range of confectionery and cakes. To familiarize yourself with our product range, please follow the link Lifestyle confectionery.

Q: How do I order a Wedding cake?

A: We recommend that you make an appointment for a Wedding Consultation at our shop in Ferndale, Randburg. It is important to take the time to discuss the requirements of your Wedding Cake with our experienced consultants. There are many details to consider, such as: Theme of the Wedding, flavours of the Cake, number of tiers, delivery, to name but a few. We have a cake gallery of our standard Wedding Cakes to peruse at our shop premises, as well as at our online Wedding cake gallery, with numerous cake designs and varieties for inspiration. You are however more than welcome to discuss your own personalized designs with us. Please book an appointment well in advance, as our Wedding Cakes are made on first come first served basis. You can request an appointment online by following the link Book a Consultation.

Q: What is the cost of a consultation?

A: An appointment costs R150.00 per couple, and is inclusive of a 30-minute personalized consultation, as well as a cake-tasting. Although we have in access of more than 22 cake flavors to choose from at Annica’s, at the consultation, you can expect to sample the most popular and suitable cake flavors for Wedding Cakes.

Q: If I cannot make for appointment?

A: If for whatever reason you are unable to make an appointment, due to time contraints or distance, you are also able to place your order via email. Please send us as much information as possible, such as the date, theme, colours , cake ideas, number of guests at your Wedding, etc. Alternatively, please complete the Cake Order Form online for guidelines, and we will contact you.

Q: Do you deliver and how far?

A: We deliver nationwide, and also within Southern African Countries. The good news is that we do not just offer delivery service, but also the set-up of your intricate cake at your venue / premises.   Cost of the delivery is calculated on a rate per km. basis and per hour. Please provide us with the exact delivery address to enable us to quote you accurately.

Q: Can my Wedding Cake travel to a neighboring Country?

A: Many of our Cakes traverse to neighboring Countries. You can either collect your Wedding cake, or we can have it delivered and set-up at your venue. It is important to inform us in the beginning stages, as we need to consider the type of cake, icing, decorations and packaging that is most suitable for long distance transportation.

However, many of the designs require set-up by us. Please note that, when a Confectioner of Annica’s Designer Cakes is required to travel overnight, the bridal couple would need to provide accommodation, as well as all meals for the staff member(s). If the staff member(s) need to fly for the set-up and delivery, the bridal couple would need to provide the tickets and transport to and from the Airport and Hotel / Venue.

Q: How much does a Wedding Cake cost?

A: This depends predominantly on the number of cake tiers, cake flavours and the decorations used. The price of the cake is not only calculated on the size thereof, but mainly the finishing touches such as the cake icing, decor on the cake, and man hours worked in the preparation thereof.

Q: What am I paying for?

A: Sometimes we hear people say – ‘’So expensive for ‘just a cake’”. To explain, custom made cakes, sweets and cookies are edible works of art. It requires artistry, special skills and years of training. To make the edible works of art, we use only the finest ingredients, and not what comes out of an ‘instant box’. What is often also not realized is that, to create the edible works of art, we need hours and days of time that is very costly.

Q: What if the Wedding Cake is above my budget?

A: Not a problem, as Annica’s offers a wide range of Wedding cakes for hire. In this way, you can still have the exquisite Wedding cake of your dreams, but in a cost effective way. For more information on Cake Hire, please follow the link Wedding Cakes to hire.

Q: Do you have a payment policy?

A: Upon placing your confirmed order, a 50% deposit is required. One week prior to the delivery or collection of the Wedding Cake, the full outstanding balance is required. In the case of a cancellation, either a “Gift Voucher” for the deposit amount is redeemable, or in the case of a refund, 25 % of your deposit will be charged defray any expenses which may have incurred. Cancellation are to be received at least one week in advance.

If there is anything else that you would like to know, that we have not answered as yet, please feel free to contact us, We would LOVE to hear from you!


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