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Original Mozart Cake

I am sure this has happened to many of us that you have had a slice of cake in a roadside cafe somewhere and ever since that specific decadent taste is stuck in your memory.  You then start a search far and wide to find this cake again to satisfy your palate.    Well, don’t! Don’t compare apples to apples unless its from the same apple tree.

Hereby an example: If you have ever had a Mozart cake in a patisserie store, then going to another bakery and expecting the same taste , look and price is not realistic neither fair.  For a reason that there is no  authentic  Mozart cake, and going to a 6 different bakeries, chances are that you will have 6 totally different Mozart cakes.

Coffee house and confectionery chain Aida in Vienna, invented a Mozart cake In honour of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It consists of dark sponge cake filled with the finest nougat and a thin layer of pistachio marzipan. The Mozart cake in a design wrapping is coated with light chocolate fondant.

Here is completely different version of Mozart cake recipe that is  Layers of meringue, mascarpone cheese, chocolate, nuts and Nutella.

I found from the internet another Mozart cake recipe that is very different from the above recipes and ingredients , using marzipan and pistachios, chocolate  and ganache.

Mozart gateau recipe on Top Billing page is meringue based recipe with ample layers of Cream , Amaretto liqueur, nuts and topped with chocolate shavings.

No this is not all!

Variation of Mozart cake made from nutty meringue layers, chocolate mousse, whipped cream and hazelnuts this time:

These five recipes are all very different with nothing really in the description that could be comparable between them. Yet they are all called Mozart cake.

In conclusion , there seems to be no Mozart cake existing that could be said is authentically the correct or the ‘Right’ recipe.

Everyone is creating their own variations and calls it ‘Mozart cake ‘ .

Hence we have invented our version of Mozart cake :

Not to be compared ;)


Tips for the Bride to be


Some useful tips for the bride to be:

  1. Consider your cake 3-6 months before the wedding day… or once colours, themes and ideas have been chosen. Until then, the time between leaves room for you to change your mind and feel overwhelmed by choice.
  2. Expect a cake tasting! This really is important so that you can know what you will be receiving on the day…and it meets the hungry heart of the groom who is far more interested in the taste.
  3. Come to the tasting with any ideas or images you may have chosen, with an open mind. Sometimes ideas and practicalities don’t always go hand-in-hand.
  4. Include your groom! Even if its only in choosing the flavours! The cake is always more special when it reflects the two of you.
  5. Go for different flavours – by having a new flavour from tier to tier wider tastes are considered and guests are more inclined to indulge.
  6. Consider the cake as part of, if not, the main dessert. This can lend itself to be more economical and means that more decadent flavours, such as mousses can be chosen over the traditional fruit cake
  7. Also consider cutting the cake between the ceremony and reception and serving it as pre-reception snacks.
  8. Remember that ultimately we want your day to be as special as you do. And that’s why your cake should be nothing less than a work of art.

We have more tips to share with you, please follow the link to the Annica’s Wedding Cake Tips page.