Tips for the Bride to be


Some useful tips for the bride to be:

  1. Consider your cake 3-6 months before the wedding day… or once colours, themes and ideas have been chosen. Until then, the time between leaves room for you to change your mind and feel overwhelmed by choice.
  2. Expect a cake tasting! This really is important so that you can know what you will be receiving on the day…and it meets the hungry heart of the groom who is far more interested in the taste.
  3. Come to the tasting with any ideas or images you may have chosen, with an open mind. Sometimes ideas and practicalities don’t always go hand-in-hand.
  4. Include your groom! Even if its only in choosing the flavours! The cake is always more special when it reflects the two of you.
  5. Go for different flavours – by having a new flavour from tier to tier wider tastes are considered and guests are more inclined to indulge.
  6. Consider the cake as part of, if not, the main dessert. This can lend itself to be more economical and means that more decadent flavours, such as mousses can be chosen over the traditional fruit cake
  7. Also consider cutting the cake between the ceremony and reception and serving it as pre-reception snacks.
  8. Remember that ultimately we want your day to be as special as you do. And that’s why your cake should be nothing less than a work of art.

We have more tips to share with you, please follow the link to the Annica’s Wedding Cake Tips page.


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