Box-mix or Scratch ?!

Baking from scratch or out of the box, has been and is a continues debate.
With raising cost of raw materials, and time-is-money society, using premix seems like a practical, convenient way for households as well as for many confectionery industries.
Notably there is many advantages to ‘out of the box’ baking. Simple, – time is money, and using instant premixes you can get the cake done in quarter of the time versus when baking from the scratch. Beside being less labor intensive, there is also a lesser chances for the possible ‘flop’ that also costs money and time.
For the baking industries the pros beside the so-called ‘shortcut’ are also better cost and stock control.

Despite the long list of pros, I am a supporter of ‘from-the-scratch’ baking. For all the years baking cakes from scratch, I can taste the cake that is made from a premix . It has a distinct chemical aftertaste and it is impossible to pick up different layers of taste. They are often also too sweet.
Most commercial mixes contain hydrogenated fats, additives, preservatives and flavorings such as tartrazine, which has been linked to ADHD or hyperactivity.

From the scratch cakes are chemical-free and preservative-free, baking from the scratch requires skill, experience and talent. And yes, this is the very reason why the scratch cakes are more costly than ‘out of the box’ cakes. ‘Scratch cakes’ can be adjusted, created different flavours as well as lifestyle cakes that are Paleo and Banting diet friendly. This is what we do at Annica’s, developing new cake flavours that are a work-of-art.
Yes, it is true that majority cake industries are using premix method that has notably more advantages for competitive pricing. I am not one of them, as I believe that if I don’t like premix cakes and can taste the difference, so can my customers!

I don criticize other industries, but saying that ‘premix’ is not everyone’s ‘piece of cake’.
From the scratch cakes are more expensive for the reasons.

But I want to have my pretty cake and eat it too!


Banting cake by Annica's
Banting cake by Annica’s