Why not ?

Before I stir up a debate, I would like to ask all of you this question:
Have you ever had cake for breakfast? And if not, – why not?

I would guess that most of you would answer, ‘Ooh No! You’re not supposed to do that.’
Some of you remember, ‘Yes, – when I was a kid, and then I was told off by adult, never again.’
Few of you might have said, ‘I never thought of that!’
And if you are like me, you had a slice of cake this morning!

I often wonder why cake is eaten after dinner or for afternoon tea-time only.  Is it just that we are programmed to follow the same pattern we have been taught, until it becomes a habit and we stop asking ourselves, – ‘ Why not something different?’.
Luckily for me, I have never fallen to that ‘bad’ habit and eating slice of cake in the morning is more usual for me than people would believe. Yes, I could say that by owning a cake shop, it is my job to eat cake.

No matter – here is another ‘cake’ for thought:
In the morning, our taste buds are more sensitive and responsive than in the evening. Eating cake in the morning, you will have an enhanced sensation of the flavours and textures to really enjoy it, – and cake tastes far better than Cereal anyway. The good news is as well, that if you eat cake in the morning, you have the whole day to work-off those calories you might feel guilty about. And be honest, who does not like cake! It makes us happy! The weddings, the birthdays, – all the sweet memories of the celebrations that has brought people together to share a cake. But why not simply celebrate the dawn of the new day with a piece of cake, – set a happy
tune for the day ahead and be extraordinary without an apology.